Production program of Unisyst Engineering Ltd.

  1. In the field of gas distribution
    • Secondary volume converters of liquids and gas – CF300, CF600, CF401, CF500;
    • Devices for continuous monitoring of cathodic protection stations;
    • Calibrators – CAL100;
    • Operator stations for process monitoring;
  2. Instrumentation:
    • Single-channel process monitors – US300;
    • Single-channel process indicators – IND110, IND100 LCD;
    • Multi-process indicators – MT100;
    • Industrial Regulators – CU200, CU210, CU250, CU300;
    • Loggers – RU200;
    • Indicators & Controllers of temperature with a specific application – US501TRC, US501TU, US501TRM-M, CU505, CU510;
      • Multiplexers – MUX8, MUX8-LC, DS100TU, MUX8PRN;
      • Normalizing Converters – US201, US208, US202GM, US203-1, US207-5, US600, PIC100, PUC100, US501TR, LT200;
  3. Optional equipment.

Remark: Products marked with * are either type approved or in conformity with the type acording MID 2004/22/EC.